Q. How do I set up F&A Account Alerts?
A. You select All Services then click on CUNotify, then click on Alerts then Account Alerts; here you can select from options or click Add New and set up your alert accordingly.

Q. How do I set up RealTime Alerts for my F&A debit or credit card?
A. Select All Services, then click on F&A App and then click Real Time Alerts. Select your card number and then click on Update, Add or Delete accordingly. Complete your mobile phone number for texts or your email address for emails and then select your carrier from the drop down menu. Then click on Finish. Now you are ready to test. Click on Send Test and you should instantly receive a test message.

Q. How does the View option on my Account Summary Widget work?
A. The View option allows you to view All your accounts at one time including all the accounts you are a Joint Owner on or you can select to View an individual account by selecting that Primary member’s name. Click on the drop down arrow next to View, and then click on the account you would like to view.

Q. How do I change my Challenge Questions?
A. Go to Settings then My Account Profile, click on Security then select Challenge Question. Make your changes and Save.

Q. Can I customize the View of my Dashboard?
A. Yes. Click on the Settings tab, then My Widgets and then click and drag from Column 1, 2, or 3 to move the Widgets around within the 1, 2 or 3 Columns. The selected Widgets in Column 1, 2 or 3 will appear on your Dashboard. You can also hide your Widgets from your Dashboard by clicking and dragging the Widgets over to Hidden Widgets column.

Q. Where can I see my Direct Deposit distributions?
A. Go to All Services then click on Direct Deposit. Then hover over the magnifying glass symbol and your distributions to your Direct Deposit will appear.

Q. How do I Add a Distribution to my Direct Deposit?
A. Go to All Services then click on Direct Deposit. Then click on the Company Name and then click on Add Distribution Account. Click on the drop down menu to select the account you would like the distribution to go to and then click on Add Distribution.

Q. How do I Add an Alternate Email Address to My Account Profile?
A. Go to Settings then My Account Profile, then click on the Additional Email. Click on the wording Add Another Email Address. Enter the Alternate Email Address and click Save. Then click Yes to the question. A (OTP) one time password will be sent to the new email address. Retrieve the OTP and enter it as requested and click on Submit.

Q. My CUNotify Email Address is inactive, how do I activate my Primary E-mail or Alternate Email address?
A. Go to All Services then CUnotify then go to the E-mail Addresses tab; click on the Bell symbol next to the email you wish to activate. Now you click on Send Again and an Activation Code will be sent to that email address. Retrieve the Activation Code and enter it on your current Online Banking session. Now click on Activate My Address. The Bell Symbol should turn from gray to gold. This represents an active email address.

Q. Where can I find my eStatements?
A. Go to All Services and then scroll over to F&A App and click on the icon and then select eStatements and select the statement you wish to View and/or Download and print.

Q. How far back can I access my eStatements through Online Banking?
A. You can go back as far as January of 2007.

Q. Can I view my eStatements on my iPad?
A. Yes, download the iBooks app on the App Store in order to view statements and then open eStatement as a PDF file.

Q. How can I transfer to another account at another financial institution (External Account)?
A. Go to All Services then Funds Transfer; click External and select the account to transfer to.
(Note: An External Account must be set up in order to select a transfer to external account.)

Q. How do I add a new or additional External Account?
A. Go to All Services then Funds Transfer. Click on the Accounts tab and scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page. In the External Account section to the right is a button labeled Add New External Account, click on it. Enter your account information. In approximately 1-3 business days, a test verification deposit/withdrawal will appear in your account. Enter that amount by clicking the green check mark to verify your account.
Note: You will not be able to schedule transfers until your new external account is verified.

Q. Where can I view scheduled Internal and External Transfers?
A. On your Funds Transfer Widget, click on Status and then View Scheduled & Completed Transfers. This will show three transfers. To view more, expand the widget or click on All Services then Transfers Status.

Q. Can I require a password for all Internal and/or External Transfers done through my Online Banking?
A. Yes. Click on the Settings tab, then My Account Profile. Now click on the Security tab, then click on the Internal and/or External boxes and then click on Save Changes. Then Yes to confirm. A (OTP) One time password will be sent to your Primary Email or Primary Mobile Phone number. Enter your One Time Password and Submit.
Note: Each time an Internal or External Transfer is performed, the (OTP) Onetime password must be entered. This OTP will be sent to your primary email or mobile phone number on file every time.

Q. What is the F&A App feature on the All Services menu?
A. Go to All Services then scroll over to F&A App. When you click on the F&A App icon, it contains Online Tickets where you can purchase theme parks and other entertainment related venues at a discount admission tickets, eStatements is available to view and/or print your statements, Real Time Alerts where you can set up Alerts which can send a text message out seconds after you make a purchase using your F&A debit or credit card, CD Manager where you can maintain your Certificate of Deposit, and HELOC where you can complete an application to request a Home Equity Line of Credit.
You can also take advantage of our HighYield eChecking Account by clicking on the banner that appears in this area. This is F&A’s new HighYield eChecking – a simple and honest checking account!

Q. What is MoneyDesktop?
A. MoneyDesktop is a PFM, Personal Financial Management tool, that helps you budget and manage your finances. It allows you to import all of your accounts, across multiple institutions, so you can see your balances and transactions all in one place. It is available for free through online banking.

Q. How can I add a New Secondary User to my Online Banking?
A. Go to Settings, then click on My Users, from here you click Add a New Secondary User.
Follow the prompts and complete the New Secondary User information requested.

Q. Can I limit what my New Secondary User access to?
A. Yes. During the initial set process, you can select exactly what the New Secondary User has access to or can view.

Q. Where can I Calculate a Payoff for my F&A Loan?
A. On the Account Summary page, hover your mouse over the magnifying glass symbol next to your loan and it will display that option. Click on Calculate Payoff and complete the anticipated payoff date, then click on Recalculate.

Q. Where can I see my Pending Transactions on my savings or checking account?
A. On the Account Summary page, click on the exclamation point ! highlighted in yellow right next to your available balance on the account you wish to see the pending transactions. You can also see the status of transfers and issued checks.

Q. How can I View my Primary Accounts only?
A. From the Account Summary page, click on the View drop down menu button and then scroll over to Standard and then over to hover over and click on the name of the primary member. You can also customize your view by selecting Manage Groups then you Add New Account group.

Q. How do I make a Principle Only Payment to my loan?
A. Go to All Services, then Funds Transfer and then select the From Account and To Account (Loan Accounts only) and then click on the words Advanced Options. Now click on the Principal Only Payment option and then enter the Principal Only Payment Amount, click OK and then click on Submit Transfer.

Q. Can I place a Stop Payment on a check from my Dashboard?
A. Yes. Click on the Magnifying Glass symbol on the checking account where the check was drawn from and a menu will appear. Click on Stop Payment and complete all the requested information.

Q. Can I search my savings and/or checking account Transaction History by the name of the merchant?
A. Yes. On your Dashboard, Account Summary page click on the account name where the transaction occurred (i.e. Regular Shares). A detailed Account Summary will appear. Towards the right you will see a View option, click the drop down menu and choose up to a 12 months search and then to the right is a blank space, type in the Name of Merchant you wish to search (i.e. Costco). Then click on Go. All the transactions similar to your request will appear. You can also click on the plus symbol + to expand the information on a particular transaction.

Q. How far back can I view my savings and/or checking account Transaction History?
A. You can view transaction history for the past 12 months. On your Dashboard, Account Summary page, click on the Account Name (i.e. Regular Shares) you wish to view transaction history on and a detailed Account Summary page will appear with recent transaction history. You are also able to click on Show Advanced option and you can specify a particular history search by completed the requested information.

Q. What are Hidden Widgets?
A. Hidden Widgets or Widgets are little windows that can be used to perform certain functions like Funds Transfer. A Hidden Widget would be a widget not currently showing on your Dashboard. The current Account Summary is considered a permanent widget however you can customize the other widgets all around the Account Summary Widget.

Q. How can I upload my own Site Marker?
A. From Settings, click on My Account Profile, then on Security, and then on Site Marker, you will then be able to select from a gallery of images or upload your own image.
Please Note: The image must not exceed 100X100 pixels. If needed, please “resize” your picture by right-clicking the image and then clicking “edit”, “resize” .

Q. How many characters can my Username be?
A. It can be between six and sixteen characters and any combination of Letters and Numbers. It cannot be your Member number.

Q. How do I verify my New External Account I recently added?
A. To verify a new external account you are joint on, we will make a trial deposit and withdrawal for the same amount into it. Please obtain this amount from your external account(this may take 1-2 days), then sign in to home banking, click on All Services then Funds Transfer and then click on the Accounts tab. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the green check mark next to your newly added External Account. An “Account Verification” screen will appear, enter the trial amount to complete verification process.

Q. How do I retrieve my Email Activation Code while registering my account for Home Banking?
A. For your convenience, direct links to the most popular email service providers are found on the Email Activation Page. You may click on your provider accordingly or simple open another window or tab to access your email account to retrieve the email containing your Email Activation Code. Retrieve the code and go back to the Activation Page enter the Email Activation Code. Please do not close the registration page for Home Banking as your progress is not saved and you will need to start from the beginning.