To provide our members with the highest quality service on a wide range of products and services, continue our competitive status and remain on the leading edge of technology while maintaining a sound financial position.

For our Members we commit to:

  • Continually consult with them in order to provide quality products and services that focus on their needs
  • Assist them in achieving success through a wide range of products and services
  • Outperform the marketplace in innovation, creativity and performance
  • Maintain our integrity and respect for all people

Our Employees are expected, encouraged and rewarded to:

  • Be self-motivated, enthusiastic, energetic, creative and ambitious
  • Follow quality standards at all times
  • Communicate effectively with each other, with management, and with our Members
  • Excel in their work through training, development and personal interest
  • Be flexible, willing to cross-train and to work as a team to do whatever it takes to do the job
  • Develop, innovate and lead
  • Be good representatives of F&A to our Members
  • Be security-conscious and work safely at all times

F&A's Management will:

  • Demonstrate our commitment to quality through example
  • Create a stable environment for our employees and our Members
  • Empower all employees to perform at their best in order to contribute to the success of the Credit Union
  • Develop a teamwork environment where people have the freedom to pursue their potential for growth and expertise
  • Be committed to the successful development, implementation and sustainment of our vision for our Members and employees