Why do I receive two text messages for the same transaction days apart?
The first text message comes seconds after you made the purchase and is for the original authorization. The second text is showing the transaction has posted to your account. You may not always get a second text message if the purchase location passes the same transaction code to F&A as the authorization.

Why do I not receive a second text message showing the added tip for example to a restaurant purchase or my total gas station purchase?
Your card passes through the Visa network one time for the initial authorization only. As a result, you receive only one alert.

Why do gas station authorizations show a low or high dollar amount in my text message?
Any time you use your credit or debit card at a gas station they send an authorization to confirm funds available to cover a full tank. You will only be charged the amount purchased and the authorization will fall off. Some Airlines, iTunes, and other service providers will send authorizations in small amounts to make sure the card is active.

Why should I have unlimited text messaging before signing up for Real Time Alerts (RT Alerts)?
We recommend signing up for this feature only if you have unlimited text or a text messaging plan you feel will be enough to allow for RT Alerts without exceeding your plan limit.

Why do I get some purchase text messages late at night or early in the morning?
Certain vendors process their payments late at night or in the early morning hours. We cannot control when vendors (i.e. Verizon, Netflix, etc.) decide to process their automatic payments. If it is not a payment you have set up to debit automatically please contact F&A at 800-222-1226.

Why do some of the text messages have an urgent flag?
We do not send the message with an urgent flag, please check with your wireless carrier.

If I overdraft from my Visa account to my Checking will it send me a text message?
No it will not. Only transactions that present to F&A from our Visa or ATM processor will generate an alert.

How can I tell the difference between checking account and credit card purchases?
Purchases using your checking account Debit card will show as Debit Card Purchase. Purchases using your credit card will show as Credit Card Purchase. Another way to tell is by looking at the Account line of the text. It will show the last two of the account number followed by the sub account (i.e. S8/S7 are checking accounts and L50/L55 are Visa credit cards).

What does all the information in the text message mean?

  • Credit/Debit Card Purchase : This shows which account the transaction took place Visa credit card or Checking account. Also if you are being refunded money for a return it will appear as Credit/Debit Card Return.
  • Approved/ Denied/ Returned : This shows if the transaction was approved, denied, or returned.
  • $Dollar amount : This shows the dollar amount that was authorized.
  • Card: *5678 : This is the last four digits of the card that was used for the purchase.
  • Account: *45S8/L50 : This is the last two digits and the sub account for the account that is being debited, denied or refunded.
  • Where : This is the name of the place the card was used and sometimes includes a store number.
  • Not yours? Call 800-682-6075 : This is the phone number you would call to report a purchase as fraud and block your card. Please do not call this number if you have general account questions.

Why might the location be blank?
The merchant did not preprogram the location name to Visa or the ATM network.

Can I text rt@fafcu.org to dispute a transaction?
No, text messages replying to the email which sends the alerts are not retrieved. If you would like to dispute a charge please contact us at 800-222-1226.

Why did the RT Alerts all of a sudden stop being received on my phone?
There are several possibilities why the messages are no longer being received. Has your cell phone number been changed? Have you changed your wireless carrier (AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, etc) but kept the same number? If you answered yes to either you need to edit your RT Alerts by calling our Telephone Service Center at 800-222-1226. If you have not changed your number or wireless carrier it could be a glitch in the system. Please contact 800-222-1226 to reset your phone on our program and see if this corrects the problem. If this still does not fix the problem you will need to check with your wireless carrier to see if text messaging has been blocked or our email rt@fafcu.org has been blocked on your phone.

How do I stop using RT Alerts?
Please call our Telephone Service Center at 800-222-1226.

How do I edit a card number, phone number or carrier?
Please call our Telephone Service Center at 800-222-1226.

If I have fraud on my card or it is blocked do I need to enroll my new card?
No. F&A will automatically update your RT Alerts to notify you of transactions on the new card.

Why does my alert say '1 of 2' or '1/2'?
Phones differ in the maximum allowed characters for a text message (standard is 160), so if the message was too long it had to be continued in a second message.

Do I get charged for the second part of the message?
In most cases you probably would get charged for the second part but you would have to check with your wireless carrier as each is different. This is why we recommend having unlimited text messages.

I upgraded to a new phone (kept the same number and wireless carrier), do I need to edit my RT Alerts?
No. As long as your number and wireless carrier are the same your RT Alerts should keep working. Be aware alerts may appear slightly different than on your previous phone, but the information will be the same.