Paying your F&A loans just got easier with Quick Pay! Now you can make loan payments with your Credit or Debit card*, external transfer account, or with an ECheck.

Your first time accessing Quick Pay will require you to accept our Terms and Conditions then you're ready to start making payments to your loan account(s) at F&A.

To make a loan payment follow these easy steps:

  1. Log into your Online or Mobile banking
  2. Select Quick Pay from either the top menu bar (online) or left slider menu (mobile)
  3. Select the loan account to make a payment to
  4. Enter the amount 
    Note: if you’d like to select Advanced Options the Payment Method needs to be selected first
  5. Select the Payment Method*
    Note: if you select Card, card details are entered on a following screen
  6. Set the Payment Date
  7. For recurring monthly payments check the Frequency box
  8. Agree to the Terms by checking the box next to "I agree to the Loan payment Terms & Conditions"
  9. Scroll to the bottom to select Continue, verify the payment and click Confirm Payment

You are also able to view Quick Pay history by selecting the History tab.

*Card payments have a 2% processing fee. Mastercard and Discover credit cards are accepted. Mastercard, Discover and Visa debit cards are accepted.