Account Information Is Only a Swipe Away!

Quick Balance shows you key account information with only a swipe or press of a button – there’s no need to log in!
To register your mobile device for Quick Balance:
1. Log into Mobile Banking
2. Select Settings, Personal devices and then Mobile device
3. Select Register this device and slide Enable Quick Balance to On
4. Enter the one-time password to activate Quick Balance and Save

To use Quick Balance:
1. Click on the F&A Mobile App
2. Swipe left

Refresh the App to update balances. Balances do not automatically update after each use.

For your convenience, a Card Lock quick link button will now appear on the F&A Mobile Banking login page if you are registered for Quick Balance.

Note: Quick Balance supports only one user ID per device; you may have a user ID and Quick Balance saved to more than one device. If you change Quick Balance settings on one device, setting changes will apply across all devices. For your security, we recommend you lock your phone between uses.