F&A is an Apple Pay Partner

Apple Pay is a mobile payment system that allows you to pay for purchases in select retail and online stores with a simple convenient touch of your finger.

Apple Pay is Secure

Your Apple Pay credit card information is not stored on your iPhone or Apple servers—it’s kept on Visa’s secure network. Each time you make a purchase at a retailer, Visa converts your card number into a unique “dummy” number called a DAN (Device Account Number) that stores in your phone. The DAN, along with a transaction-specific dynamic security code, is then used to process your payment with the retailer. This DAN can only be used on the device that requested the purchase and must authenticate with your Touch ID fingerprint or your device passcode.  

How to Set Up your F&A Card

Select Settings, Passbook and Apple Pay and add a New Card or select the plus sign at the top of your screen. You can transfer an eligible card from your iTunes account, enter new card data or even take a picture of your card to have the information automatically entered. This service is available for Apple iPhone 6 or higher. 

How it works

Simply use your fingerprint authentication to sign on to your phone and hold it over the payment terminal at any Apple Pay retail partner store. Access a list of retail partners

1. When checking out verify the retailer displays a Pay Wave® or Apple Pay symbol and hold your phone near the reader.

icon paywave applepay

2. Place your finger on the Touch ID or if you prefer to enter your passcode.

new icon pay w touch id

3. Hold your phone over the reader until it vibrates and beeps to verify your payment was accepted.

icon applepay checkmark done


View Apple Pay FAQ. (PDF, requires Adobe Reader)