Financial Guidance and Budgeting Tools

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 F&A Federal Credit Union has teamed up with KOFE to develop this user-friendly site in order to provide you with budgeting tools and the financial guidance needed to live a  financially secure lifestyle. We hope to educate, motivate and empower you while giving you the tools to refrain from overspending, abusing credit cards, and encourage you to save and invest. The Personal Financial Management tool delivers a full, up-to-date view of a your financial life. In addition, you'll have free access to certified financial counselors, who will be able to help you with any financial issue that may arise.

Here are some of the available resources:

  • Interactive Calculators
  • Certified Financial Consultants
  • Financial Publications
  • Financial Videos
  • Webinars

To learn more or to speak with a professional financial advisor, call 888-728-7668.